Attracting Qualified Buyers

How To Get Qualified Buyers To See Your Home?

It takes much more than plopping a sign on your property or window and then putting it up on MLS and then hoping it sells!


Your goal and our goal is to get your house sold, period.

To meet those goals,  we have a 214 step marketing plan. For competitive reasons, I am not going to list them here, we sell homes, we do not teach our non-company Realtors how to!

In addition, we work with a lot of buyers weekly.  We attract a lot of buyers. As well, there are 1600 plus Realtors in the London area alone, we know who the top 100 are and we make sure they know about your property. That does not mean we ignore the other 1500, we just know who does most of the business and have buyers.

Again, you hired us to get qualified buyers to see your property, like it and make an offer.

So, any way you look at it, do you not think that a listing Realtor with a 214 step marketing plan cannot help but get results?

Success leaves clues!

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