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I am the Owner and Broker of Record of Sutton Group Envelope Real Estate Brokerage Inc.

That’s all I can say about me! You see, this website is about you, not me, you do not want to hear blah blah stuff about awards, designations or that we walk old people across the street, take in stray animals, walk on water or anything else to impress you.

We let the numbers speak for themselves, you see, success leaves clues!

 Why Not a Realtor On Your Side?

When you’re selling: Our track record of success means we know how to market your house effectively and promote it so that it attracts qualified buyers and get it SOLD for the highest price. Throughout the process, we are with you every step of the way, making sure your questions are answered, all the details are handled expertly, and the entire experience is a positive one.

When you’re buying: Whether buying a house in London Ontario or buying a condo in London Ontario, our expertise in the local market means we can introduce you to homes that meet all of your criteria. We will guide you on what to look for when viewing a home, so you don’t make any catastrophic mistakes, and will arm you with in-depth details on every property you see. When you find a home you fall in love with,  we know how to negotiate effectively so you get that property, at the best possible price.

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If you’re investing: Our philosophy when investing in London Ontario and the area is the  ‘get wealthy slowly model’. You make money in real estate when you buy and it is far better to buy an excellent property at a fair price than a fair property at an excellent price!

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